Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Writing a Resume

One of the most frustrating parts of going back to school is when they make you write a resume for a new career.  I feel like I'm lying when I say that I can do all the things I've been trained on.  I don't like to lie, and I honestly don't feel confident in my abilities yet.  The problem is that I won't get the practice to become an "expert" until I'm out in the working world.  I know this.  But, still, I struggle.
When I was going to vocational school in my teen years, we had to write a resume in my Radio & TV Broadcasting class.  My teacher told us that any little thing we had done could and should be on the resume.  Make everything sound important, even if you were the most useless accessory on the set.  It irked me then, and it irks me now.
My last employer, when deciding to shut down operations in my location, paid an outside firm to come in and teach us how to look for work.  We got the spiel about LinkedIn, networking with people, and writing the proper resume.  The beauty school where I am currently a student is about 15 years behind the times, or, quite possibly, this industry is still in the era of cover letters and physical addresses.
But since I was assigned a resume, I wrote one.  It's terrible.  It's useless.  I won't be employable in this field for several months yet.  I'm months away from being able to take state licensing exams. But I did it.  I suppose it was good practice.  I will have to completely overhaul it again when I finish the rest of my program. But it's done.

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