Saturday, April 8, 2017

Walking in Faith When the Future is Unclear & What's Next at GMG... - Women Living Well

Walking in Faith When the Future is Unclear & What's Next at GMG... - Women Living Well

Last night I had this unsettled, anxious feeling.  It's not uncommon for me to feel that way, really.  I am anxious about 75% of the time, lately.  But I decided that I wanted to read the bible.  Or color my coloring bible.  But I couldn't find it.   So I got out my Joyce Meyer's bible to read.  Except her version is the Amplified one, and I get overwhelmed with all the sidenotes that are in-line with the text.  So, I decided to listen to the audio bible that my mom got me for Christmas.  My phone decided that the New Testament comes before the Old (alphabetically, anyway), so I started listening to the Book of Matthew.  It relaxed me although I don't remember a thing that was said in the hour or so I was listening.

So this morning I decided to see what Courtney Joseph was doing over at Good Morning and found that she's taking a break.  Ugh! I applaud the fact that she's gone thru so much in the past year and kept on going with the bible study and blog, but right now I need her.  I'm not comfortable "going to church."  I'm not smart enough to actually "study" the bible on my own.  And Courtney kept it real.  Also, her name is Courtney, which is my daughter's name, so she was already getting bonus points for that.  Her method didn't jive for me 100%.  I got frustrated with highlighting the entire passage with 8 different colors of highlighters.  But she was real.  Her subscribers were real.  I wish she had outsourced the blog to someone she trusted while she took a break, so at least I had a consistent message to follow.  But I also understand not wanting to hand over your baby to someone else.  I will just have to keep searching for something to settle my soul.

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