Thursday, April 6, 2017

Fighting Bullet Journal Insecurities – bulletjournaljoy

Fighting Bullet Journal Insecurities – bulletjournaljoy

This is a great article from Kim @ about her own insecurities when it comes to Bullet Journaling without artistic flair.  My spreads lately consist of a banner drawn with a stencil I have from Dear Lily Designs with the day/date in it, then dots next to things I have to do, and dashes next to notes/facts.  I'm using my monthly spread to keep track of appointments and important happenings, and putting my stickers from OnceMoreWithLove there, so I can see them at a glance more so than a little munchkin here or there on the daily pages.

While I love, and am highly financially invested in, planners (I have an Erin Condren, 3 Happy Planners, a Happy Planner Mini, and a Recollections spiral planner), they are bulky and don't offer enough space for me to record some things that matter to me, like the weekly countdown I use to build my itunes playlists.  I feel confined to write more than I need to on some days because of the dedicated space, and squeeze into other days when more stuff happens.

I thought that when I was in school it would come more naturally to use the planner, but I find it to be something I can't afford backpack real estate to carry, and very little actually needs to be recorded since I am in a vocational program not a scholastic program.  So my Leuchtturm A5 purple notebook is still my go-to.  I did invest in a Quiver to hold 2 pens on the outside of the book, and the band holds the clear packet I have my OMWL stickers on the inside of the cover.  I decorated the cover with a rub-on sticker that is holding up pretty well - only one letter has gone missing from the quote.

A month or two ago I went on a binge and ordered Leuchtturm notebooks in all the colors of the spectrum so I will have a new color each edition.  I'm on page 159 so far and can't wait to fill it up and move on.

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