Tuesday, January 3, 2017

(Mis)managing My Time

At work they refer to our time off policy as "Managing Your Time" and I'm taking advantage of it today.  I'm sore from last Monday or Tuesday when I wrenched my neck trying to read my phone propped up on one side.  I've been in pain ever since.  I've tried stretching, sitting up, laying down, heating pad time, and nothing is helping so far.  Yesterday I came home from work and laid down in bed and slept for 4 hours, hoping that keeping the weight of my head off my neck and back would help.  All that did was cause me to not be able to sleep all night.  And so here I am, with my days & nights mixed up again.  At least today I'm getting some chores done.  I've updated my planners, written a letter to a pen pal, printed out DIY Rhodia dot-grid paper on my HP Laser paper, read tomorrow's bible assignment, and did some laundry.  Now it's time to lie flat, without a pillow, and see if my muscles respond any better this time.  Tomorrow and Thursday are half days at work, so I will be able to get LOTs of "me time" this week.  I need to recharge, that's for sure.  Only 23 more days to go.  Then Disney World and the next stage of my life will begin.

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