Thursday, January 5, 2017

Lettering in 2017

This year I'm going to focus my free time on a few different self-care items... The biggest one will probably be practicing my brush lettering & dip pen calligraphy.  I find that tracing brush lettering worksheets with watercolor paint or sumi ink with a waterbrush is way more calming than coloring ever was.  I accumulated about 80 coloring books before I realized that I wasn't feeling calm at all because I was focusing on "getting it done" instead of feeling calm in the process.  Then I found Random Olive's (@randomolive) brush lettering guide, downloaded & had it printed at Fedex, and got started.  But even more calming than that is the monthly #brushletterpracticechallenge.
Showcase your brush lettering skills and get to know other who share your love for brush lettering. . . How to join the challenge for free: * Download and/or print the prompt graphic for this month. * Post this graphic on Instagram or Twitter to let us know you’re joining along. * Every day, share a picture or video of your brush lettering on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #brushletterpracticechallenge. * Check out other awesome people using the hashtag and leave them some likes and comments! . . Find out more at and grab this month's practice sheets. . . #brushlettering #brushscript #brushcalligraphy #learncalligraphy #learnbrushlettering #letteringdrills #brushpractice #moderncalligraphy #watercolorlettering #watercolorcalligraphy #letteringchallenge #dailychallenge @letteringchallenges #letteringchallenges #olw #onelittleword #olw17 #olw2017 #onelittleword2017 #onelittleword17
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The other skill I'm looking forward to is dip pen modern calligraphy.  I bought a course for that from Lindsey Bugbee at The Postman's Knock back in June and really never worked with.  I chose the Amy Style and bought the worksheets and video course that goes with it.  This week I ordered the pen holders and nibs from Paper & Ink Arts.  I printed out the course on D's black & white laser printer and used HP 32 pound laserjet paper which is great for practicing lettering because it's super smooth and thick enough to handle wet inks and watercolor paints.

Then, I stumbled upon the and her Show Me Your Drills challenge.   If anyone is trying to get into lettering, especially with a brush pen, I suggest starting here because it's FREE and you can use any size brush pen you can find because she gives 2 different sizes of printables to trace.  Again, the HP 32 pound laserjet paper is perfect for this.  Otherwise you'll want to get vellum or some other super-smooth paper or cardstock so you don't ruin your brush tips on rough paper.  The community on Instagram & Facebook for this challenge is super encouraging.  People are all helping each other with advice and tips and it's refreshing.

All of this is part of my participation in the challenge #CultivatingCare, hosted by @prettyprintsandpaper and @FischrJournals.  It's a weekly challenge, not daily, but it made me really think about what I want to do with this year.
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