Friday, January 13, 2017

Books I can't put down

This week I couldn't put down this book I was reading, Retreat by Jay Crownover.  Her books are just amazing.  I haven't read a single one that didn't suck me in and make it impossible to put down until the last page was done.  And the cliffhanger preview chapters at the end of each book always make me crave the next story, the next set of characters, the next crazy situation.  I first learned of Jay Crownover a few years ago, reading Rule.  The characters drew me in and made me believe everything they said and did.  I felt like I knew them.  I wanted to be their friend, which I think says a lot about how real Jay makes her characters feel.  I read all the Marked Men series as soon as they came out, then the Saints of Denver, and a few of her other books.  Retreat is the first in The Getaway series, and I am drooling in anticipation of the next 2 books I expect about the other Warner brothers.  My ultimate yardstick for measuring a good book is A.) Did I laugh out loud?  B.) Did I cry real tears?  C.) Will I read it again?  And all of her books got three resounding YESes.

The other book I'm listening to... Full Package by Lauren Blakely.  I was broke this week and decided to buy the Audible version of the book, read by the well-reviewed narrator Sebastian York.  Lauren Blakely's  books don't disappoint, but her characters aren't as rich as Jay's.  Sebastian's reading style kinda makes all the male characters in all the books he reads sound about the same... well-refined douche.  Maybe it's just that I've listened to many of the books he's narrated and the characters in one or more of the other books was a d-bag and it's just carrying over for me.  But there you have it.  Audiobooks are a double edged sword... you can do other things while listening to them, but they tend to take a whole hell of a lot longer to read.  You also run the risk of bad narration ruining the characters or the story.  I'm reserving judgement on this book until i get to the end.  But so far this "beginning as platonic friends, moving in together, sexual explosion is sure to ensue" plot line is running about how you'd expect.  If you love smut, Lauren Blakely doesn't disappoint.

If you've read either of these authors, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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