Monday, January 9, 2017

Back to Basics

I've mentioned in the past how many planners I have and how none of them seems to be working for me very well.  I love different aspects of each, but the overall effect is a feeling of doom.  So this morning I stumbled upon Sarahboparah's youtube video of her "plan with me" and figured out what I love about her spreads and hate about my own.  Mine are BUSY!  I mean, I'm cramming a ton of stuff into those boxes.  She's got pretty, well thought out stickers, perfectly placed on the pages.  I've got a haphazard mess.  So, a few things came to mind.

First, I need to adopt the "less is more" philosophy. I think this really means to put more into my bullet journal and less into the planners.

Second, I'm going to use my uber-overpriced Erin Condren planner as my "Good" planner - meaning, it's going to be done after-the-fact, to record what actually happened. I can glam-plan that one, since I know ahead of time what I need to actually put in it.  I'll know how many bullet points I need, whether something will fit in a half box or full box, etc.

Third, I'm going to use my Recollections planner for my actual running around with me planner.  This one strives to be neat, but I'm not going to kill myself if I have to quickly jot an appointment with a black pen directly on the paper instead of getting out a sticker and writing it with my blue G2.  This planner is slimmer than the ECLP because it doesn't have the extra 6 months in it, which is another plus. I'm glad Michaels came out with this one because it's a much better value than the ECLP.

Fourth, I'm going to really put my bullet journal to the business of tracking EVERYTHING.  It's going to be the workhorse in the equation.  I can write sloppy on the daily pages and not give a damn, because, I get to turn the page pretty soon and forget about it.  My collections and long term tracking pages are neat, but the daily ones can get a little sloppy and I'm ok with that, knowing the planners are going to look considerably better with this new system.

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