Sunday, October 23, 2016

Piling up

This week has been almost unbearable as the weight of changes in my life are bearing down on me.  The job is killing me from the inside.  I feel like I'm Flat Stanley and someone is folding me in half down the middle of my body from head to legs. My chest is crushing.  And you know when I finally felt relief today?  When I thought about the yarn I ordered to knit myself a blanket.  Cue the zen music.  My 12 Caron Cake's in Rainbow Sprinkles is my dream come true.  It will take about a week to get to me.
I have a lot to get through before I let myself crack into those bright & colorful gobs of yarn:

  1. My final exam and last lab for my Network+ course is the big one.
  2. A crochet Waterfall throw made out of Lionbrand Homespun yarn.  
  3. Outline my novel for NaNoWriMo.  
So far I'm only planning to make the blanket in garter stitch so that it's squishy and stretchy.  We'll see if I get bored with that.  With a multi-colored yarn it's difficult to do cables because the crossed & lifted stitches look crappy against another color.  Another slight texture pattern might work, but I'm really looking forward to endless knitting.  And if 2 balls is enough to make a garter stitch shawl, hopefully 12 balls is enough to make a reasonable size blanket.  This is going to be my project to work on endlessly when I'm listening to audio books or have time once my job is done, because it's definitely going to take me a long time to make an adult sized blanket. At least knitting I can do without looking.  The hardest part of doing the Waterfall afghan, even after making a dozen of them, is that I have to look at the loops to crochet into just the back loops. Garter stitch will be like working on a HUGE sock, just lots and lots of knitting.  I suppose I could even knit it in the round and then steek and put a fancy border on it? Hmmm, that's not a bad idea.  I'm gonna do some research on that. 

I've invested money in buying pens and notebooks for NaNoWriMo, but maybe I need to skip it in November and try to do it in February after my vacation.  Or start it after my 40th bday.  Maybe a Novel Writing Year - my 40th birthday until I turn 41.  I like that idea better.  Something else to look forward to after my job is done and my vacation is over. 

See, this is the reason I need to blog at 1am... I think better when I'm talking to myself and my readers, whomever they might be.  I feel infinitely better right now.  No stress about my outline that I can't even start until the Network class is done.  Now I just need to finish the lab, study the test prep questions, take the final and then take the certification exam.  I will never take another class like this again.  If it wasn't a matter of $1400 tuition, I would have quit.  The class materials haven't been reviewed apparently, because the lab didn't match the website it references, and now I'm stuck on a step that isn't working, so I'm at a dead stop. Monday I will try to get through that last lab.  Then I need to study more questions for the exam.  There are so many damn acronyms that I can't keep straight.  I think the certification is 100 questions and I need a 70 or 80 to pass.  I'm striving for passing, not acing it like usual. 

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