Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My Newest Loves

I'm having an up & down week so far.  Sunday I never went to sleep until 5am.  There was too much I wanted to do.  Too much I wanted to plan.  Too much I wanted to try.  Too much to catch up on!  I've found that my new medication has a Catch-22... take it at night and it makes me want to stay up and do stuff all night.  Take it in the morning, and I can't wait to get back home to take a nap.  Yeah, it makes no sense at all.  Figures.

I found out on Sunday that my boyfriend of 2 years truly believed I couldn't cook.  I have to admit that I say that, but I don't mean it.  I'm no chef.  I just don't care that much about what I am putting in my stomach.  Cooking means making a mess that I'll eventually have to clean up.  But I can do it.  To prove it, I spent most of Monday making shredded taco chicken to freeze, using Ree Drummond's recipe.  I think that task will only be done again if I'm being held at gunpoint.  But I did it!

While I was at my mom's, I looked thru her massive cookbook collection and she suggested the Taste of Home Best Loved Recipes.  This book is AWESOME!  I was writing out recipes on 5x8 cards 1930's style until at least 2am Monday morning.  It was therapeutic and gave me the idea to do Christmas Eve's theme this year as appetizers/grazing instead of dinner.  With my 3 year post-op WLS pouch, I still can only eat about 5 bites at once, so I drool over all my favorites and then can't actually taste some of them because I get full too fast.  Generally, grazing is a bad idea, but for this occasion, I'm giving myself a pass.

Last week I got my new phone, a Samsung Note 7.  Of course a few days later, they decide to do the first recall I've ever witnessed in my 12 years in the cellphone industry.  Now I'm gonna have to get a new phone at some point in the next month and send this one back, and I really don't want to.  But this phone is so worth it!  The only things I miss from my iPhone are the way text messages display as they come in and the ability to Facetime my kids from my main phone.  I have my old iPhone on my spare line, so I can still do it, but it's not as convenient.

Tonight I made my first Silhouette Mint stamp.  It was easy once I had the design sorted out.  It uses different software from the Cameo, so a lot of the functions I'm familiar with are missing in the Mint version.  I made a stamp to use on my stuff that I take pictures of and post to Instagram like my lettering and planning challenges. I immediately started thinking of other stamps I could make.  Then I nearly cried when I saw how expensive the materials are.  This thing is like Lexmark printers where the printer is so cheap you can get a new one every time the ink runs out rather than pay twice as much to get more ink.  But I love the folks at Swing Design who have great deals and coupon codes, so I always get a great deal.  I ordered enough materials to keep me going for a few months at least.

And, the reason I decided to write this post... Trello!  The best app I've stumbled upon in a long time.  I can make lists easier than ever, and share them with my kids and boyfriend effortlessly!  No more arguing about what we're doing on the weekend, whose turn it is to pick the family movie of the week, and I can easily track which episodes of my backlogged tv shows I've seen and which I still need to catch.  LOVE THIS THING!  Try it!

Ok, so that rounds out my loves for this week so far.  I'm gonna try to sleep now.  Wish me luck!

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