Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cooler Air

Oh, TGIF!  Thank God it's Fall!  I am so relieved to see high temperatures this week are in the 60's not 80's.  I was not cut out for summer temps.  Or Humidity. I think I will remind myself of that when I'm complaining about the snow.  Seriously, I need there to be snow this year.  I got my skis and gear for the mountain this year, and I wanna get my money's worth out of my $40 wool socks and neon pink ski poles.   I'm going to cut some vinyl stickers to put on my helmet, which is plain black and BORING!  Maybe a winky face on the back and Shannanigans on the front.  A poo emoji on the top?  I think people on the ski lifts going over my head will laugh at that one.

Since the weather is finally in the "sweatshirt weather" zone, I'm thinking about the fall and winter holidays.  I decorated my pumpkin (a fake, carvable one) with a happy pastel face last weekend.  I just need to finish his eyeballs and then coat him with ModPodge.  I got my halloween costume - I'm gonna be a sprinkle donut.  The costume is SO SOFT!  I didn't even care that I had to pay full price... I'm gonna be happy and comfy in it.  This afternoon we are going to the ski resort to ride the ski lift and see the fall foliage, not there probably is any at this point in the season.  I'm bringing my Instax camera to take some pictures of us.   Tomorrow we are gonna go to the apple farm, to get Apple Frost, some apples, and Jalapeno Pepper Jelly.  YUM!  Fall is my favorite food time of year, too.

I was looking thru the Silhouette Design Store for some 3D crafts we can make as gifts for Christmas this year (going low-key) and found some cute santa & elf "french fry boxes" that we can use to serve some of our hot h'orderves on Christmas Eve.  We decided to go low-key for the holiday this year and have a grazing night instead of a full sit-down dinner like usual.  I've got about a dozen recipes I want to try. My little tummy can take a few bites here & there better than sitting down and eating 1 bite each of 3 things, then having to throw the rest away.  The grazing was my idea, and I'm glad that my mom & aunt liked it.

I have a short list of people I want to send holiday cards to this year, so I think I might handmake them using my Silhouette.  If I start right after halloween, I might be able to make the 15-20 or so I plan to send.

I got my Brush Lettering course from and I'm totally IN LOVE with it.  (Please click that link and buy it - it's an affiliate link, but I really think you'll love it too!)  I've got more water brushes, Tombow Dual Brush markers, and some Tombow Fudenosuke Hard & Soft Brush pens on the way.  I also found that the HP Premium Laser Jet paper is well worth the amazon price (half of what Staples/OfficeMax charges locally for some reason).  Sharpie brush pens were a flop.  Crayola Pip Squeaks are so-so.

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