Sunday, August 21, 2016

Abilify Is My Friend

My NP put me on Abilify last Monday. I have been having a really rough time making it to work, let alone staying for my whole shift. My anxiety, depression and insomnia have been making me miserable. I expected to feel better when the weather improved and daylight lasted longer. I expected maybe the utter exhaustion to wind down when I got my Mirena removed when I had my surgery last month. Unfortunately, I was still completely exhausted, mentally and physically.  I went in to my appointment and asked if we could change up my meds. I don't know what is wrong with me, but I know this isn't normal.

On Friday I had a rough day. I drove to work but was running late. I couldn't do it. I went in, told my boss I was taking the day off and left. But then something fairly amazing happened. I accomplished a bunch of things. I got some stuff I had been putting off done.  My car hadn't been cleaned out since last Halloween or Thanksgiving... Not only did I take the 2 bushels full of stuff out, I cleaned the glass inside & out and put on a window decal I made (Go Team Mystic, BTW!)  I took my daughter to her therapy appointment after dinner on Friday night and found myself walking down to the car to grab little projects I brought with me that I didn't think I would have a chance to do. I went down and grabbed the first, and when that was completed, I returned it to the car and grabbed the next project. I went home and designed more stickers and set up my new Etsy store. 

 Sleep? Who needs sleep?  Seriously, the only downside of this manic swing is that I need to take sleeping pills or I just want to keep going on what I'm working on. My eyes get tired and I get a headache. But I will take this over being so tired all the time that I'm planning my naps days ahead of time. 

Besides the Etsy store and my new happy pills, I'm getting into #GoodMorningGirls and Joyce Meyers. We bought a new mailbox and Awesome fridge yesterday.  Now I am getting excited to cook, so I signed up for HelloFresh. My mailbox is exciting because I have 5 pen pals and I can't send outgoing mail from our current locking mailbox. And I was so excited about writing to my pen pals that I printed out a sheet of address labels for each of them to make sending a quick letter even easier. I printed out white return address labels too. I ordered kraft recycled  envelopes that aren't going to show up my clear address labels very well. So now I have 5 stamped and addressed envelopes in my planner, just waiting for me to slip a letter in and drop in a mailbox. 

Going along with my over preparing streak, I bought more stamps today. I have no idea why. But at least they are forever stamps. I will have them for years probably. I just like to have choices.  

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