Monday, July 25, 2016


I'm writing this post from my bed, on my iPhone, because I'm recovering from surgery I had on Friday. I'm hoping to be closer to normal tomorrow. I am only awake because we are getting flooring installed and I was the only one home this morning. Now that Mike is home to deal with the installers when they arrive, I can climb back into bed with my heating pad and stuffed animals.

While I was awake, I managed to get some stickers cut on my Cameo. I'm really disappointed with some stickers I bought that won't load properly in the silhouette software and cut wonky. They were the only stickers I've gotten specifically for the Happy Planner.  Minnie Mouse stickers because I know 3 girls who are using them and I thought it would be cute to send them some Minnie Mouse stickers. I've burned a lot of sticker paper trying to get it right. I might have to give up and do the pixscan mat and cut them that way if the cuts won't line up any other way.

I also like how my layouts look with more color on them. I will take pix to post later on.

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