Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June Challenge - 225,000 Steps

A year ago I did a 30 day challenge on US Road Running's website.  They have an option called Get Out and Run Program, where you can set a Step, Mileage, or other goal for yourself.  You pay for registration and that includes a finishers medal.  It seems silly to pay to compete against yourself, but last year I was fully dedicated to this challenge.  I did the C25K program last year, on the treadmill in my parents living room.  But this year the idea of running just doesn't inspire me.  There is no good running path direct from my house. I would have to get in the car and go somewhere that had adequate sidewalks, and I'm honestly lazy enough that it would deter me.  The step goal seemed like I could make it enough of a challenge that I would have to really work at hitting it, but not so much that I was daunted by it.

I decided on the number 225K by calculating that 10K steps on 22 weekdays during June would get me to about that number.  That leaves me weekends either to catch up or relax, depending on how well I've done during the week.  It takes me about 90 minutes on a treadmill to hit 10k steps in a day.  I work in a call center where I'm quite literally tied to my desk by my headset.

After my weight loss surgery in 2013, I was regularly walking 6 miles on my days off from work.  At that time I lived right on a walking path on Lake Ontario, so I could literally cross the street and walk or bike uninterrupted for 3-4 miles before I turned around and came back home.  I didn't do as much working out on the other days of the week, but at least I knew I was getting those couple long workouts in.

A year ago, I weighed about 130. My goal before surgery was to get down to 135, since 136 is the highest "healthy" weight for my body, according to the BMI charts.  I had gotten as low as 122, but I felt that was too thin and worried my hair would start falling out again.  But then the honeymoon period ended, I started eating snacks and going out for meals more often, and I gained back a few pounds.  Right now I'm averaging 141, which is very disappointing to me.   It's not uncommon for people to gain back some weight after they reach their lowest weight.  The problem is that I'm now over my goal weight and I'm getting flabby, so my clothes are getting snug.  I refuse to make the same mistake a second time and get fat again.  I've collected enough Blender Bottles to make sure there is always one ready to go for my protein shakes.  I'm gonna kick ass at this challenge and get back to my 130 pound new goal.

Of course, as a bullet journaler, I had to make a tracker spread for this project.  I am going to track daily steps, the total steps, and my weight.  I have the expected target for the day and where I should be during the month.

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