Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Moving on is rarely easy.  I don't do well with changes.  Except starting things... I am great at starting.  Finishing is less exciting for me than you would expect.  So when I decided last week that I needed to migrate to a different blogging platform again, I hopped online and began researching hosting sites that were less expensive.  My problem with all the well known hosts is that they start you up with cheap rates.  Then after you've gotten the hang of things and decide that you want to keep going, they hike up the rates.  A couple years ago I bought a 2 year hosting plan at $3.95/month and it was going to jump up to $10.95-12.95/month next month.  I have one reader, and quite frankly I can just email her for free!  :)  But I like having my blog online.  It's something I've done on & off since 1999.  I've given up Facebook but joined Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.  I ended up back on Blogger, and migrating my domain to Google was easier than I had expected once I stopped and READ the directions instead of just winging it.  The harder part was attempting to migrate at least some of my content to the new editor.  I started out with 140 posts from the past 2 years.   A lot in the beginning was about my knitting, which I have given up.  Some was about my kids, and they really don't want to be on here.  So I ended up with some of the ancient posts from 2014 and the past couple months of recent posts.  I might go back and fill in some of the middle stuff, but I don't think it's really pertinent to the grand scheme of things since I've moved on and changed so much in that time.  I'd rather work on moving forward and improving my work going forward.

I did find a post about my first stumble into Bullet Journaling in 2014 and that was kind of funny.  How much things have changed in that community in 2 years!  This afternoon I'm contemplating where to make my blog notes... if I should use one of my pocket sized Leuchtturm or Moleskine notebooks or if I should just keep it in my main bullet journal.  I went to Kara's post about her Blog & Business Journal since she's doing so fabulously these days to get some inspiration.  She pointed out that she wanted to keep the whole year in one place, versus her regular bujo only lasting about 5 months.  Mine will probably last about that long as well.  Assuming I can stop myself from trying a different notebook every month.  This is my 4th notebook in as many months.  But this one has lasted a good while- better than the others anyway.  I love the Clairefontaine paper, I just wish they had dot-grid in this style (cloth bound).  One of the downsides of having more than one notebook is that you've got to have the right one with you to be able to use it.  For this reason, I think I will keep it in my normal notebook, but maybe make some quick notes on the go in my pocket notebook if that's all I have with me.  That one fits in my purse, so I have it with me when I go to doctor appointments or the grocery store, etc.  It's probably too good of a notebook to use as a scratch pad, but I love it.  And here's the thing - A great notebook is crap if you don't use it.  I've come to this conclusion recently when I took stock of all the notebooks I've got littering my home.  I have some cheap back-to-school spirals and composition books, and I have $35 hard bound or leather bound notebooks.  If they're sitting there collecting dust, they're all worthless.  So I'm just using them.  My hoarding tendency is to save things for something special.  To conserve pages so that things last longer.  But my Startitis kicks in and I abandon something way before it's used up and go with something new & fresh anyway.

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  1. I'm JUST reading through everything to this post TODAY. When you migrated, it stopped updating to my Feedly so I thought you had stopped blogging! Glad to see I've just been in the dark. I fixed my feed so I should see everything from now on :-)