Thursday, May 19, 2016

National Notebook Day - May 19th

I didn’t know this was gonna be a ‘thing’ until I stumbled upon it yesterday, but this is probably the first made up holiday that I can really get behind.  Because notebooks are like my favorite thing in the world.  Pens are a close second, but since they need you to have reasonably good handwriting to shine, notebooks are winning this one.
A notebook can be anything, at any time, to anyone.  I’ve had notebooks that just sat blank for years because they were too pretty to use.  I’ve had journals made of handmade paper that were nearly impossible to write on because the ink either bled all over the place, or the pen shredded the paper when you applied any force.  Hard cover, soft cover, staple-bound, hand sewn, ring-bound, spiral or disk bound.  Those plastic comb bindings we used in the 80’s and 90’s.  They can be any size from 2″ to 14″, or even larger if you’re using artists pads.  Blank, lines, graph paper or dot grid.  You can write a story, plan your day, make a bucket list or a grocery list.  You can doodle or draft an invention.  You can decorate with fancy washi tape or stickers or just use a $0.25 pen or golf pencil.
From my bed, I can see at least 20 notebooks in my bedroom alone.  Old planners and bullet journals, handwriting & crayligraphy practice journals, a Gratitude journal, Morning Pages and Brain Dump notebooks.  #30dayscribe and #ListersGottaList notebooks.  My plan for my next NaNoWriMo story.  At my desk there are a bunch more, like my journal from when I had Gastric Bypass a few years ago.  When I purged my old bedroom I threw away all the old journals I came upon.  I decided that I needed to let go of the past.  But now I want to keep moving forward, and having a notebook that remembers my daily challenges and triumphs seems like a good idea.  My memory is very selective.  I am an impossibly hard-to-please critic of myself.   I usually believe my success is just luck, and my failure is what I truly deserve.  But my notebooks know the truth, even after my mind has forgotten.

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