Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

Today is Mother’s Day. To celebrate, I slept until 10am, did my Morning Pages, then took a nap until 3:30. We got up and went to Michaels so I could spend my gift card from my daughters. I used a coupon and got a Happy Planner Storage Case for $15, which was a pretty good deal.  I also got a bobbin winder meant for winding embroidery floss onto flat bobbins.  And I got some plastic and cardboard bobbins.

I saw somewhere on Pinterest that someone used one of these winders to put washi tape onto bobbins or other flat cards.  This was bad advice.  It doesn’t work at all the way I expected.  I’m better off winding by hand, where I can at least try to keep the tape aligned with the last wrap.   Then there is the issue that the bobbins are too small to fit my paired tapes together on the same bobbin.  I’m glad I only spent $9 on those materials.  I will make use of the bobbins and the big book rings to put all the bobbins on to carry them around.  I wish I had gotten a box to store the bobbins , but if I can at least put some tape on the bobbin to take with me on the go.  I find it works best to put the tape on the page before you write, so that you have enough room to write around it.  In my little Leuchtturm1917’s  I bought yesterday at the ImagineRIT event, I put tape across the tops & bottoms of some pages I had written on before I decorated them, because there was no room on the side edges were I normally put it.
I’ve come up with challenges for myself – a 101 in 1001 and a 40 before 40.  I’m not sure if I’m going to get much of these challenges done.  Some of the things on the list are gimme’s.  Others are unlikely to happen in the timeframes I have to work in.  I think it will just be cool to have some things on a list to try to keep track of instead of just bumping along in life for the next 9 months or 3 years.  I want to take a calligraphy class, so that’s on there.  I got some Tombow Dual Brush pens arriving this week.  I love how some people are using them in their journals.  I also picked up a Pilot Metropolitan for C.  She says they “look professional.”  She’s just turned 12 years old.  I think the Lamy Safari is a better writer but she wasn’t impressed with the plastic body of those.
I’m still watching Spotlight several times a day.  I need a new calm movie.  These people, even when they’re excited or upset don’t really raise their voices.  It’s lulls me to sleep.  Now that I’ve seen it so many times, the dialogue is familiar.  Listening to audio books takes too much effort for me these days.  I even have the movie playing while I’m reading … it’s like white noise to me.
I’ve completed my 36th of 100 books in my 2016 Goodreads Challenge.  Bookbub is my new best friend.  I have years worth of books that I’ve paid nothing for.  And I enjoy cheap romance novels, so this is a win-win for me.

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