Friday, May 13, 2016

Journal Overload

Since I’ve dived headfirst back into the Bullet Journal practice, I’ve found so many other great ideas for journaling.  I’ve been writing in a journal off & on for as long as I can remember.  Definitely since I was 10 years old.  That was the first “diary” I ever purchased – a Sanrio locked diary and a clear mechanical pencil and purple ink ballpoint pen that had a yellow barrel… They were also Sanrio I think.  I had those writing utensils forever, actually.  I lost the key to the diary in no time, and eventually pried it open to see what I had written.  I don’t remember what it was now.  I think it was just what was going on in our condo while we were on vacation in Florida. Since then I’ve used just about every type of journal, notebook and app to record my thoughts.  I’ve tried multiple planners as well.  I go thru phases where I need to pour all my thoughts out to process them or heal from them or contemplate my options.  At other times in my life, things are going along ok, and I don’t feel the need to write things down.

Since I’ve been back to bullet journaling these past few months, I’ve also gone thru phases where I need to do a brain dump regularly, and other times I just need to jot down what I did that day as notes in my daily page.  I’ve started the practice of doing Morning Pages in one of my other Clairefontaine notebooks.  I don’t always write 3 pages.  One day this week I was so short on time I only wrote 2 sentences.  Today I didn’t get out of bed until the afternoon so I didn’t write anything at all.  My Clairefontaine notebook I use as my bullet journal is more for my calendar, lists, and challenges for the month.  I decided not to do brain dumps there just to conserve the pages I was going thru.  I have a smaller (fewer pages) staplebound Clairefontaine notebook that I use for a “Journal” but lately I haven’t been writing more than my Morning Pages.  I do use it for my challenge posts though… for #30dayscribe anyway.  I think when I do my next bullet journal I will use one book for everything, because it’s getting a little overwhelming.
Last weekend we went to Rochester Institute of Technology’s Imagine event and they have a gift shop on campus where I found small Leuchtturm notebooks that can fit in my smaller purse, so I picked up two of them.  My thought was that I could jot quick stuff in there.  So far I think I only have my lists of 101 in 1001 and 40 before 40 that I want to do.  I should probably put my calendars in there, too, so that I don’t double-book myself, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.
Then this week I was at Michaels and found Moleskine dotgrid soft covers in the medium and smaller size on clearance.  I picked those up too.  I decided to use one of the 2 mediums as my place to write my #ListersGottaList challenge lists.  Today I found that Moleskines can’t handle my Noodler’s Ahab pen… it writes too wet and bleeds right through the paper.  That was slightly disappointing, but not a big deal, since I have plenty of other pens to use and only write on the front of the pages anyway (at least so far).  I also got the Pentel Slicci pens which I LOVE!!!  It’s taken me a long time to warm up to gel pens, but if I had found these beauties sooner, I definitely would have converted sooner.  They have 0.8mm tips, so I expect that they won’t last very long, but they write beautifully and dry quickly enough.  I can’t figure out why they are so damn expensive.  I used a 50% off coupon and they still cost $14 for an 8 pack.  But totally worth it compared to some of the other pens I’ve picked up in my lifetime of collecting pens.
Tomorrow is my boyfriend’s 40th birthday.  We are going to Niagara Falls with my girls and his brother.  Selfie stick is coming.  I hope to take a bunch of photos so that I have something to upload for my Groovebook this month.  The past few months have been crap photos … I haven’t even bothered to open the books when they came in the mail.
Speaking of the girls, I am getting C into fountain pens.  She asked for a Purple Retro Pop Pilot Metropolitan.  I got her the fine point, since that’s what I have.  I pulled out one of each color Pilot Namiki ink that I have on hand – purple, green, red and blue.  I’ve given her instructions to keep the empties so we can refill them with bottled ink from my collection.  Now I just have to hope she doesn’t give this pen away like she’s done with some of the FriXion pens I’ve passed on to her.

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