Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tim Urban: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | TED Talk

Today I went to see the musical Matilda with D, J & C.  It was totally unlike the movie, and I’ve never read the book, so I’m not sure if it was closer to Roald Dahl’s vision.  The main character is played by a 9 year old who needed a dialect coach in the worst way.  On one hand, she clearly annunciated every word.  On the other hand, it was too much.  My kids enjoyed it though.I love this talk!  Here is my Instant Gratification Monkey!
After the Musical, we went to an Italian restaurant that I used to love before I had my weight loss surgery.  I couldn’t decide between chicken french and gnocchi, so I got a artichoke french appetizer and gnocchi.  I was so stuffed that I changed out of my tights and dress when I got back to my mom’s.  Tomorrow starts my workout challenge for myself.  10K Steps or going to the gym every day.  I figure I can get a decent number of steps if I walk around the building at work on my lunch which is 45 minutes long.  This week is going to be tough to get it in because I have school functions in the evenings 2 days a week.
I did get a chance to draft, design and implement a new layout in my pink A5 Medium Leuchtturm notebook.  I’m going to give that a go this week I think, since I purchased a smaller purse from a clothing resale store – a Coach Poppy bag- and might want to get back to carrying just a small bag instead of a full backpack.
I started with copying the size of a A5 page into my A4 Leuchtturm Master notebook.

After I had a design drafted out on the mock up, I went ahead and created it in my pink Leuchtturm Medium A5 notebook.
Since the pages are half the size, I’m not preplanning out the week like I was able to do with the larger format.  I’m going to preplan a weekly glance (After the photo was taken, I actually added a M-Sun list of dinner menu and a brief M-Sun daily appointment list  just so that I could keep those in the forefront of my mind), but not draw boxes for each day of the week.  Maybe after a couple weeks of seeing how much space each day typically takes up I can do that, but for now I’m gonna just go with it as it comes.  As you can see in the spread, my focuses are going to be on walking, sleeping, and watching my weight.  I can’t wait to get going on Monday and test drive this format.  I’ve noticed that this pink notebook is separating from the spine as well.  And I conditioned this notebook the way Ryder @ suggested, opening 10 pages from each the front & back, working towards the middle to prevent it from cracking.  Hopefully these notebooks will be able to withstand the abuse.  Although the small notebooks don’t look to be able to make it for very long before they are going to get full.

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