Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Handwriting Practice

I’ve written several posts that mention my desire to improve my handwriting.  Yesterday I actually wrote out the lowercase alphabet on my french ruled paper – each letter I wrote as many times as I could fit across the line, 2 pages worth.  Then I decided to write out some phrases and quotes using the general principles I learned from Kara @ Boho Berry.  It’s amazing how much better my handwriting looks when I use the rules of how tall and low the ascenders and descenders should be.  One thing I’m unclear on is whether you’re supposed to write on every line or skip lines, but I just put a space between quotes and liked how it looked that way.  The writing takes concentration and looking at what I’m doing as I write each letter, rather than using my muscle memory that is trained with 30-something years of inconsistent writing.
Yesterday when my SCRIBEdelivery box was propped against the front of my house I was super excited.  The box contained 2 notebooks, 2 Platinum Preppy fine point fountain pens, 2 spare purple ink cartridges, and 2 recycled newspaper pencils.  I immediately decided that these Preppy’s were going to be my first eyedropper conversion pens, since the other 3 Preppy pens I bought are currently using ink cartridges.  So I got out my Goulet Pens silicone grease and o-rings and converted them and then filled them up with 3 or 4 ml of Diamine ink, the Poppy Red and Marine.  I love the colors of these inks.  The only Diamine I haven’t used yet in a pen is the Hope Pink, which I’m saving for my TWSBI Eco which is arriving on Thursday if the USPS site is correct.   I’m not sure what I’m going to use those notebooks for.  They are made with paper that is supposedly fountain pen friendly.  I’m afraid to mess them up, so they’re sitting next to my bed, waiting for inspiration to strike.   I brought in a notebook I had found in my car that I bought about a month ago – it was a clearance purchase from Michaels.  It’s blank like a sketchbook, but spiral bound.  Now that I’m used to writing either on graph paper or dot ruled paper, I can’t imagine what I thought I was going to do with a blank notebook.  I’m going to keep it in case some inspiration strikes.  Since I’m still working on filling my Leuchtturm Master notebook, I need to keep all my writing in there for now. And I can’t draw.  I could give it to one of my children, but they both have umpteen notebooks as well.

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