Friday, April 29, 2016

Circle Journal Started

Today I had dinner with  my older daughter, J.  We went to Moe’s and she ordered her usual Power Wagon kid meal even though she’s 14 years old.  I got a chicken rice bowl called Earmuffs.  I don’t understand the names of anything on their menu, but the food is good.  There was a glitch in the system and they never got my order from the app, so they had to copy down the order from my phone’s email receipt.  After we ate, we went to Staples.  I was looking for a notebook to use for our Circle Journal.  I voted for quad-ruled, she wanted ruled or blank.  We compromised on a Panda spiral notebook with lines.  J loves pandas.  I also picked up another giant roll of blue patterned washi tape that’s 1″ wide.  J got a thumb drive to use with her school chromebook.  After that, we still had plenty of time so we went to Target so I could get some sleeping pills and we wandered around.  I got some new wax melts for the warmer I keep in my en suite powder room.  The ones Glade makes start out super strong and overwhelming – I’m waiting for D to complain because he just came into the bedroom and it’s probably overwhelming to walk into.
After I dropped J off at her house, I came home and started the wax warmer and got rid of the dead wax in it.  Then I washi taped the cover page border and alternated the top & bottom with washi tape on the next 6 pages.  I wrote out the questions in my PITT Artist Pen in S.  Then I went back with my Hi-Tec-C Maica pink gel pen to answer them.  The first 6 questions were:
  1. If you had to change your first name, what would you choose as your new name?
  2. If you were given a $100 gift certificate to spend in any store, where would you choose to redeem it?
  3. If you could float in a hot air balloon over andy city or place int he world, what would you choose to float over?
  4. If you had the time and money and could go on any month-long summer adventure of your choice, what would you choose to do?
  5. If, with your safety guaranteed, you could experience something considered very dangerous, what would you want to experience most of all?
  6. If you were told you could only watch one television show a week for the next 12 months, which show would you choose to watch?
I’m not sure if I should keep collecting questions or find them as I go.  These came from a Chat Pack I bought years ago and never used.  Somewhere I have another box of these little question cards that I think were meant more for children.  I’m hoping we can talk C into participating since these aren’t really personal, sensitive questions.
Meanwhile, I’ve been doing the #30dayScribe Challenge.  It’s my first foray into Instagram & Tumblr.  I’m sucking at it, I think.

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