Sunday, April 10, 2016

30 Days without Facebook

So, I’m celebrating a whopping month without Facebook and I can honestly say that it has been a completely positive experience.  I was able to avoid so much of the negative crap that goes on during election cycles and the general drama-mama crap people seem to spread online.  Crap-free, that’s what I want to be.  Really the thing I miss the most is being able to Facebook Message people who I don’t have any other means of communication with.  I had sent a message to some of my old friends, letting them know how to reach me, and asking them for their contact info.  I got the info from 2 of the 13 people I contacted, and only 1 other person sent me their info after publishing the general “I’m leaving, let me know how to reach you if you’re interested in doing so” status update.  I’m not wasting my time reading my newsfeed.  I’m not getting umpteen alerts on my phone that someone has forwarded me yet another Meme I’ve probably already seen a dozen times today alone.  I’m not getting sucked into the Buzz  Feed vortex that seems to eat hours of my life if I don’t stop myself. There are also little things that I would normally put some snide comment up, showing my disapproval of something I saw or heard.  Those just get tossed away because they’re not worth the energy to remember them.  Or I tell my boyfriend or co-workers and move on.  Everyone doesn’t need to know that I saw the company truck for my high school classmate’s flooring company in the parking lot of The Tilted Kilt.  Or that the service at LensCrafter’s hasn’t improved one iota in the past 3 years, so I’m not sure why the hell we keep taking my kids there.  It’s not that important.  I don’t need to waste my time or anyone else’s.  If it’s important enough to make it into my Bullet Journal or onto my blog, I guess it’s weighing on my mind.  But, as you can see, that doesn’t happen very often.
Anyway, I got my order from Jetpens with the 2 new Pilot Metropolitan fine tip pens – Retro Pop Red and Orange, and 6 small bottles of Diamine ink.  I was afraid that this ink was going to be slow to dry or bleed, but so far, so good.  I did swabs in the back of my Leuchtturm Master notebook.  My new pens I decided to try with the CON-20 converter and the converter that comes pre-installed in the pens.   I inked one up with the Diamine Apple Glory and the other with Diamine Pumpkin.   The pre-installed converter I filled by putting the nib in the ink bottle and squeezing the converter to fill it.  You can’t see how full the converter is, which is a huge pain in the butt, but I figure that if I don’t put much ink in, I will be able to change them out more often.  The CON20 I filled with my ink syringe and then popped it onto the feed.  I was thinking that I don’t have the right colors in the right bodies, but some I might be able to correct by just taking the feed unit out and putting it into the proper color body.  But right now I have classic Blue and Black in 2 of them, and Noodler’s Cranberry in another.  I want to at least get the green ink into the green pen (right now it’s in the new red pen body, and this disturbs my sense of peace when I see the conflicting colors).  The others might have to wait until I have emptied their prefilled cartridges and can refill those.
My Noodler’s (Platinum Preppy – eyedropper converted) pen is still 3/4 full of the Noodler’s Baystate Cape Cod Cranberry, which I love but I’m getting a little tired of.  My purple Metropolitan is also using a re-filled ink cartridge full of that ink.  I’m not sure which color is going to be my favorite of the new ones, but I definitely am looking forward to a break from this color.   Next week I’m expecting to receive a TWSBI Eco White Extra-Fine pen.  I think that pen will get filled up with the Hope Pink from Diamine because it looks like a happy color and that pen seems happy to me.  I’m also getting some Pilot Hi-Tec-C pens and Uni E-Knock Fine Erasers.  I hadn’t heard anything really about the Hi-Tec-C pens until I happened to come across the customizable multi-point pens and got 2 of them last week.  I LOVE them!  So I decided to try some of the normal stick and retractable gel pens.  My FriXion multi-point pen runs out of ink so quickly I’m not sure it’s worth refilling it.  I also got to thinking that I probably shouldn’t be using that pen for archival stuff in my notebooks, like brain dumps.  Writing the grocery list in pen that becomes unstable at different temperatures is fine, but I’m not sure I want to go back to this notebook down the road and see blank pages because of a change in temperature.  Plus it gives me a chance to try all these other awesome pens and ink choices!
I’m excited, too, because Kara @ Boho Berry is educating me on the proper use of that french ruled paper I splurged on at Goulet Pen Co a couple weeks ago and then promptly abandoned because my writing was such a disaster on that busy paper. Thanks to her, I’m back on track with practicing my handwriting.  See her Instagram post below – Doesn’t it make you want to get back to elementary school and put in more effort this time around? Maybe it’s just me.  That’s ok.

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