Saturday, November 15, 2014

Planner/Journal Love

It’s no secret that I have an addiction to all things stationery/office supply.  It began when I was very young, probably preschool.  We had stores in the local mall that sold fancy stationery for kids like Sanrio stuff, note cards, perforated note sheets, stampers, pens that had sparkles in them, bendable pencils, fancy schmancy erasers that stored in plastic cases. I can’t resist a decent pen or notepad.  It’s completely beyond me.  At one point in my previous life, before I got married, my fiancee at the time would tell people I had a secret Staples store hidden behind the bookcases in our spare room. I had worked at Staples for a short time, which enabled me to see every product as it came in, and I bought a good number of them.  My fascination and obsession grew as my income increased.  In some respects, I got more into technology, but I still loved my notebooks, school supplies and opening a new pad of Post-its.  Yesterday I found a deal on Etsy for a digital file of a 2015 planner and an undated planner, byMissTiina .  Tonight I started printing different planner pages in preparation of my Arc planner & punch I ordered on last night.  Hopefully that box will arrive on Wednesday.  I also ordered Pilot Frixion pens and highlighters, which I’m crossing my fingers don’t bleed thru the paper.  I printed single sided, which will give me more space to write and put stickers, post-its and washi tape.  I’m thinking some of these pages might be usable for other people in my life, so they might be getting a planner or notebook for Christmas this year.

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