Saturday, October 18, 2014

Beginning to Bullet Journal

I came across this idea while searching for a more structured, yet DIY, journal/planner.  Some aspects of it really appeal to me, others I’m trying to withhold judgement on.  Last night while I couldn’t sleep I designed some labels to print today and stick into the journal.  My supplies at this point are basic but plentiful.  I started with a plain college ruled composition book I got during the back-to-school sales I can’t resist.

Then I taped in some 6×9 manilla envelopes to hold extra labels and calendar sheets, etc…
I printed out small calendars and labels for my months and other special categories:
I have a variety of pens and washi tape to use with this project, which I’m most excited about.  
I made an index and numbered all the pages (amazed myself that I got to exactly 100 spreads – no pages stuck together or numbers skipped).  I started my calendar for this month, even though we’re more than half way thru it already. 

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