Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Taking a Class

Well, since I have some free time coming to me this summer when both of my children will be with their father during the weekends in July and the weekdays in August, I looked into some community education & online courses.  I can’t handle going back to college, but I was looking for something to stretch my brain a little.  I found a course on creating Apps for iPhones, which I think I will take in August when I have more time to commit to it, but tonight I started a class called Introduction to Journaling.  It’s a 6 week online course that cost $89.  I’ve spent more than $15/week on therapy, so I consider this a good investment.
This goes hand in hand with my decision and commitment to improve my handwriting.  That manual arrived in my email this morning and I was able to do my Day 1 practice this morning before I went out for the day with my mom.  Now my dilemma is whether I should start an electronic journal for my class or if I should do one in long hand, since I have not improved my handwriting just yet.  I can type relatively quickly but my speed and accuracy aren’t what they used to be.  I’m not sure if it’s my MacBook Pro’s keyboard that is the challenge or if it’s my fingers that are getting uncooperative.  I find that I’m misspelling things at work more often lately, so I suppose that points the finger at my hands.  Pun intended. I probably should also trim my long fingernails, which are getting in the way as well.  But I just polished them yesterday so I’ll just leave them alone for now I guess.  Also, I really love the feel of a pen or pencil gliding or scratching across paper.
Last night I couldn’t sleep because my hips, knees and ankles were all sore.  I took my Jr Tylenol that never lets me down when I have headaches, then took a hot shower, and finally a hot bath with epsom salts, and still couldn’t get to sleep.  I was completely exhausted today, but got up and took my daughter to school, texted with an old friend, then went shopping with my mom and got new sneakers and a cute new outfit I will probably wear to work on Monday.  I actually could have used a smaller shirt, but they only had XL and XS!  Figures!  I felt good about fitting into the size 10 skirt, and might have tried an 8 if I saw any more purple ones there.  I definitely need to get my full length mirror mounted back where I can see it, because I have some pretty serious body image issues that I think are related to only being able to see myself to my hips in the bathroom mirror, and only from the chest down to my feet in the kids’ mirror.  Today was a record day, 146.9 pounds.  I believe the last time I weighed this much was at age 13 or 14.   I am only 11.9 pounds from my initial goal of 135 pounds, but I know that I will still not be satisfied with my body at that weight because I have loose skin and lack of tone.

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